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Oyo government returns 1,800 bags of rice to FG says its "pest infested" | Thekokospot

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Oyo government returns 1,800 bags of rice to FG says its “pest infested”

PublishedBy: in NewsApril 25, 2020

The Government of Oyo State has returned 1,800 bags of ‘pest-infested’ rice to Nigeria’s Federal Government.

Debo Akande, the Executive Adviser on Agribusiness to Governor Seyi Makinde, made this disclosure in Ibadan after the state committee on distribution of relief materials and palliatives inspected the warehouse were the grains were kept.

According to him, the committee found out that the rice was unhealthy for human consumption.

Akande said, “The state government discovered that the grains of rice were infested by weevil and other pests, and took the decision in the interest of residents of the state.

“We initially assumed that it was just some part of it that was infested but some commissioners from five or six ministries came with me to inspect and we realised that it is not just some but quite a lot of them were infested.”

He, however, explained that the return of the 1,800 bags would not affect the state’s distribution of palliatives, noting that the state has purchased enough rice for distribution to the citizens.

Akande said that, “And it was in the process of further inspection, that we discovered that almost all the grains of rice has been infested by weevil and other pests.

“On that basis, we formed a committee to inspect it again so that we are really sure of what we have received and we think this rice is not consumable for human being.

“As such, such material cannot be distributed as part of palliatives in the state. We don’t want to start providing solution to a problem and then create another problem. We have done random selection we see that similar thing applies across board and the committee has agreed to return to its source. And if there is any replacement of good quality that will be sent to us, we will be glad to receive it.”

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