So Sad! Family lost four of its members to Coronavirus

A family in New Jersey, USA, has lost four of its members to the deadly coronavirus disease.(CNN reports)

On Thursday morning, Vincent Fusco  died according to his sister, Elizabeth Fusco and Roseann Paradiso Fodera, who is an attorney and relative after he got infected during a dinner in New Jersey.

He was just in his 50s.

He was preceded by his 73 year old mother, Grace Fusco, on Wednesday night, only hours after her oldest son, Carmine Fusco, died in Pennsylvania.

55 year old, Rita Fusco-Jackson,, the sister of Carmine and Vincent, died penultimate Friday.

Elizabeth Fusco, the youngest sibling of the family, described the ugly incident which led to deaths of her family members while speaking with CNN.

She said to CNN;

It is absolutely surreal

I woke up Tuesday morning [March 10] . My mom called me and said ‘Lizzie I don’t feel good, Rita don’t feel good, Tony don’t feel good. Can you come help us?’ I said absolutely ma.

It’s like the second we start to grieve about one the phone rings and there’s another person gone, taken from us forever.

By the time it settled in our brains about my first sister we got the next call [and] I listened to those doctors and those machines code my mother on the phone when she passed last night [Wednesday].

I’ll never get over that but I never wanna hear that again. That’s why we are just begging for help. We never wanna get that call anytime soon ever again because of this. We’re lost.