TB Joshua’s Coronavirus prophecy coming to pass – China residents (Video)

Residents of China have started testifying to Prophet TB Joshua’s March 27th Coronavirus prophecy, saying its coming to pass.

Some Chinese In a video which surfaced online had heard the prophecy on social media where Prophet TB said  “rain would fall to wipe away all fears of the unknown”, noting that it would fall in Wuhan, China the epicentre of the coronavirus outbreak also mentioning March 27th 2020.

A resident explained that, “I had been hearing about TB Joshua since I was a kid but I never believed in him,”

He added that hedismissed Joshua’s prophecy immediately as a “fake prophecy” but became perplexed when heavy rain fell across the region from 23rd to 26th March 2020.

Within that period of time Wuhan declared it had no new confirmed cases of the Coronavirus disease, leading the resident to change his perception of Joshua’s authenticity.

A Chinese citizen identified as Sun, went further  to confirm that the few cases being managed now arose from foreign travellers, but domestic cases had ceased completely.

“March 27th was the last day for the virus to finish in the epicentre,” a  doctor further corroborated, stating that the heavy ‘lockdown’ which was imposed by the government of China has now been lifted.

“We started working on March 27th, 95% of our offices are now working.” A Chinese resident in Shanghai stated.

Joshua came under scrutiny on new media after clips of his prophecy regarding coronavirus surfaced

Meanwhile, the full clip of the prophecy shows Prophet Joshua’s message on March 1st and 2nd was directed specifically towards Wuhan, China.

According to his prophecy for 2020, Prophet TB Joshua declared it as “the year of humility”, noting that “God would use challenges such as affliction to humble us.”

He led many of his supporters to link such terminology with the ongoing pandemic and its extraordinary worldwide ramifications.


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